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This Week’s Online Marketing Update from Searchlight Content

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Here is a quick 2 minute video to bring you up to speed on this past week’s important online marketing updates.

Video Transcript

Slide 1 – Have you been too busy to keep up with every little detail of the online marketing world this week? Don’t worry! In a nutshell, here’s what you missed.

Slide 2 -Facebook recently released Nearby Friends, a new feature that uses geo-technology to show you which friends are close by. This feature also allows share your exact location with others. Nearby Friends is a great way to meet up with people, or avoid them if you’re wearing yoga pants, or your Wal-Mart outfit.

Slide 3 – Facebook also unveiled a new audio recognition feature that identifies songs and TV shows that you’re listening to, and allows you to share that information with your friends. Facebook is a bit big brother-ish sometimes, but that’s good for us marketers who love advertising to the masses.

Slide 4 – Twitter released a study last week that shows exposure to brand tweets drives action both online and offline. The study concluded 3 major things:

  • Brands are an integral part of conversation on twitter
  • Consumers take action online and offline after seeing brand mention tweets
  • Brand tweet mentions from both brands and non-brands affect consumer actions.

This means you should be using Twitter to build your brand!

Slide 5 – LinkedIn just unveiled an Android app and new mobile features for SlideShare. Now there will be plenty more opportunities to share great content via mobile device on LinkedIn.

Slide 6 – In the whole social world, it’s important to note that more and more investors are paying financial attention to tools that cater to the visual web. Users like photos, investors like users, so if you want attention from either of those, go visual!

Slide 7 – In the search marketing world, Google’s Panda algorithm update is in full force. It is designed to prevent sites with poor quality content from working their way into Google’s top search results. As of now, it seems that only 7.5% of queries have been affected.

Slide 8 – There’s also been much talk that Google also released a new Penguin update. Don’t fear. Google officially confirmed there has been no Penguin update. Only Panda.

Slide 9 – And, that’s what you missed this week. This update was brought to you by Searchlight Content. For more online marketing updates and tips, visit our website.


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