What do you see?

What do you see, Annie?

I like to play a game with my 2.5 year old. Every so often, I will ask her “Hey Annie, What do you see?”

Then, she will look around and tell me everything she sees. Usually, we play this game in the car, and her responses start off like this.

Annie: Mommy, I see the road. I see the sky. I see trees (stuff everyone sees when they are glancing, but not really looking).
Annie: I see a bird.
Me: What else?
Annie: The bird is flying.
Me: What else?
Annie: The bird is brown.
Me: What else do you see?
Annie: The bird is by another bird.
Me: What else do you see?
Annie: Now I see letters.

And the game continues…

I like to play this game for a couple reasons. First, it keeps her occupied. For any of you that have children, you know the value of an occupied child, especially while you are driving. Secondly, I’m trying to teach her to look beyond the obvious and really see things–to see things that others might not see, or to see things that even she would not see if she wasn’t looking.

What do you see as a freelancer and/or a business owner?

While this game is perfect for parenting, it’s also great to apply to our lives as business owners.

How often do we stop and look and really see things?


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